• When Is a Drug Crime a Federal Offense?

    There are significant differences between being tried in a state court versus a federal court. One of the primary differences involves the potential penalties upon conviction. If you’re facing federal charges, you can expect the penalties to be far more severe than they would be for a state-level case. For defendants facing federal drug charges, […]

  • What Sets The Law Offices of Mark F. Fernandez Apart?

    In the DFW area, there are plenty of law firms to choose from when searching for a criminal defense lawyer. However, when you become a client of The Law Offices of Mark F. Fernandez, you’ll receive a level of personalized, attentive service unrivaled by any other law firm in the area. Our criminal defense lawyer […]

  • Defining Types of Violent Crimes

    The classification of offenses under criminal law is significant because it influences the specific type of charge and the potential penalties that may be imposed in the event that the defendant is convicted. Unsurprisingly, violent crimes can lead to very severe penalties, including lengthy prison terms. If you’ve been accused of any type of violent […]

  • What Is a Violent Felony?

    Under criminal law, violent crimes can lead to very harsh prison sentences and other penalties. When a person is charged with a violent crime, he or she should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney. Although criminal law varies from state to state, violent felonies are generally those that involve physical force or the threat of […]

  • A Look at Common Federal Crimes

    Many offenses are illegal under both state and federal criminal law. It can often be confusing for defendants to figure out why they are facing federal charges instead of state charges. In cases in which the state and federal government has concurrent power over an offense, the decision to try the case in either court […]

  • Meet Attorney Mark F. Fernandez

    ​ Mark F. Fernandez is a leading criminal defense lawyer serving Dallas, TX, at The Law Offices of Mark F. Fernandez. During his 16-plus years defending the rights of the accused, Mr. Fernandez has handled a wide variety of criminal law cases. He has defended those accused of violent crimes, probation violations, drug crimes, and […]

  • Distinguishing Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor

    Criminal law sorts criminal offenses into different classifications. The least severe type of offense is a violation, such as a traffic violation. Misdemeanors are much more serious than violations and felonies are treated more harshly than misdemeanors. Both misdemeanors and felonies have the potential for significant consequences. If you’re facing either type of charge, contact […]